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Presley Blasts Critics For Using Travolta Tragedy To Attack Scientology

Enraged Lisa Marie Presley has expressed his fury at those who seek to affirm that his devastated pals John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston suspended their children after their religions anti-medicine theories. The young 16-year-old son, Jeff, who began to suffer from seizures for two years, was found unconscious in a bathroom in the family on vacation at home in the Bahamas..
12.1.09 11:46

Mlb Rumors Manny Ramirez Adam Dunn Bobby Nbsp Abreu

It has been there, done that with Barry Bonds and his baggage. What we do know is that now has two suitors Manny Ramirez presumably the Dodgers and Giants. The Giants are seeking a corner Infielder, and probably won t get into a war with the offer Dodger. It also calls Jason Giambi May that a return to a s. My take, what he sees Boras Burrell and Bradley are today, and immediately calls Ned Colletti asked whether an $ 45 million 2 bids is still on the table. With the news yesterday that he signed a Pat Burrell 2 years $ 16 million deal with the Ray, and the signing of Cub Ofer Milton Bradley 3 an $ 30 million deal, the market for Manny Ram rez, and Bobby Abreu Adam Dunn becoming smaller and smaller.
12.1.09 11:46

Eva Mendes Quot Spirit Role Was A Dream Quot

Eva Mende loved playing a man-eater in his new film. L actress - who is currently dating producer George Gargurevic - plays femme fatale Sand Saref in Frank Miller comic adaptation L Spirit.And jumped Eva said that the possibility of assuming the role. She explains: It was a dream for me to get so wrapped in this character. I mean, how many times I going to play a woman who been married fourteen times! And then killed all her husbands! .
12.1.09 11:46

Madonna Strips For Louis Vuitton Ad

Just last month has put in fishnet tights, holding the leg in the air for the Louis Vuittons spring / summer collection.. American pop singer Madonna has stripped down to his underpants for an international brand advertising Louis Vuitton.The 50-year-old is seen reclining on a leather seat wearing fishnet stockings, Louis Vuitton jacket and trousers, with a leg up in air, reports
12.1.09 11:46

Hot Japanese Watchmen Trailer

According to unnamed sources, Warner Bro is held by writers pitches for a new film that the revival of Man of Steel in an obligation of franchising. If it is true, that alone is an interesting item for at least two reasons: they do not try to Bryan Singer for a story and that does not seek to restore Mark Millar of plot.. The boys Latino Review to have a report from insiders about what might be under way with the new Superman movie.
12.1.09 11:46

Murray Cruises As Djokovic Crashes

While the 21-year-old Scot has been enjoying a victory over Albert Montane art in the first round of Qatar Open yesterday Novak Djokovic began its preparation for the defense of his Australian Open title by losing to Latvia Ernests Gulbis in the first round of the Brisbane International. No one should read too much into the initial results of a new season, but it is difficult not to conclude that Andy Murray chances of success at the Australian Open later this month are looking for day to day brighter.
12.1.09 11:45

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